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Civil Service Centenary Simul, 22 September 2005

Last Updated: Tuesday September 27, 2005 11:07 AM

Ian Pheby writes: Jon Speelman gave a simultaneous display on 22nd September 2005 in London against The London Civil Service, Post Office and Municipal Chess League as part of their Centenary celebrations. 25 boards were keenly contested. However, Jon only conceded one draw (to Martin Smith) during the evening. Prizes were awarded to Martin Smith, Tim Pelling, D Sually and Kevin Thurlow.

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Jon Speelman  Martin Smith
Left: Jon Speelman greets his opponents    Right: Martin Smith scored the only draw
Tim Pelling  Kevin Thurlow  D Sually
The three other prizewinners (left to right): Tim Pelling, Kevin Thurlow, D Sually

Anyone wishing to play Civil Service chess, please contact the League Secretary, Roland Smith on

There is also a website at http://www.chess.at.btinternet.co.uk/cscl/

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